If you are trying to get in shape and up your workout regimen, supplements could be a nice boost of help. There are a lot of supplements on the market and it can be hard to know what to consider! Here are a few basic, yet immensely helpful supplements to check out:

Thermos- Thermal pills are extremely helpful for a pre-workout energy. They help you burn up your fat and the best ones have time released energy supplements to keep you going throughout the day. These are great for sweating it out! They tend to have a lot of caffeine so be sure to check what the energy source is if you are sensitive to caffeine!

Protein powders- Make sure you have the stamina for your workouts! Protein supplements help build muscle and keep your body in the right condition to continue working out. Something to watch for as an after workout supplement is creatine. It can be added to protein powders to help heal your muscles quickly. It promotes cell regeneration and can help prevent you from being as sore post workout.

Beta-alanine- Any supplement that contains this will be helpful. BA helps prevent muscle fatigue by re-balancing the pH of your muscles and decreasing the lactic acid build up within the muscles. This can help you go for longer and stronger!

Using a combination of supplements is always the best case. While some may lack certain things, others can make up for those things and balance everything out. Always make sure to research a supplement before trying it and don't overwork or over supplement yourself. Know your limits!

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